Paste a clipboard image to Photoshop easily with just a hotkey

Photoshop doesn’t need recommendations: the more demands that you have from photo editing, the more you need Photoshop instead of or along with any other editor. This doesn’t mean that you won’t face problems even for such simple tasks as pasting a new image — any image you may have copied from the internet or from some other editor or from Photoshop itself.

To paste your clipboard image as a new Photoshop document you have to create first from the “File” menu a new document in the dimensions of the image you have in the clipboard, then paste the clipboard image to your newly created document! Wow! In PhotoFiltre I just press Ctrl+Shift+V and immediately the image in the clipboard is pasted as a new image.

However, Photoshop provides macros or actions as it calls them; you can assign a hotkey to a macro that performs the necessary task of pasting an image from the clipboard.

If you don’t know how to do it or if you prefer to avoid doing it yourself, you can download here this free easy-paste action and load it in Photoshop by going to the menu of the Actions Panel > Load. Enjoy!

Download Easy-Paste Action for Photoshop