Synchronize lyrics and songs, automatically or manually, with Karaoke Lyrics Editor

Karaoke Lyrics Editor is a free program that lets you synchronize lyrics and songs easily, even adding manually time tags. The program is convenient and light, and provides also adequate help, although you aren’t going to need much help to know what to do.

There are several ways you can work on lyrics synchronization, from adding the manually to pasting them. As you can guess a full manual method means that you have to define the start and the end times for each line of the lyrics.

Karaoke Lyrics Editor provides validation, letting you check if you succeeded in synchronizing the lyrics and helping you to make the necessary corrections. Validation is a separate and more “technical” method, very easy to use but independent from the final “preview” or “test” where you can listen to the songs while simultaneously watching the lyrics.

Besides these, the program lets you also add images, use several colors, insert video files, etc. It saves in its own “project” format, in case you need to work some other time with the same files, or as CDG. If you are interested in synchronizing songs and lyrics, Karaoke Lyrics Editor is a free program you will appreciate.

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