Find your favorite songs on-line easily, with MagicMusic

If you are tired of searching for everything included in this long list of favorite songs, MagicMusic is a free program able to help.

MagicMusic can read a plain text file with song titles and search the internet for each of these songs automatically, working from the system tray. When it finishes it presents you a menu with everything it found to let you start listening.

Note that the program prefers live versions, if they exist. To enjoy your playlist you can start wherever you like, repeat and randomize it. Of course do not expect the program to find everything; if your list contains too much or ambiguous names, etc., be prepared to search manually for some of your music.

MagicMusic won’t work on a browser’s tab, it needs its own instance of the browser and you have to open a second instance if you’d like to do anything else on-line besides listening to your songs.

Download MagicMusic