Backup and synchronize or just compare files and folders, even automatically, with PureSync

PureSync is a powerful and free (for personal use) program that will help you sync data among a variety of sources and destinations. It’s one of the most useful and well-designed synchronization programs.

You can configure synchronizations between folders or drives, create new backups or photo syncs, and transfer files between computers. Α wizard walks you through each step. The program displays each created job in a list so that you can find and execute particular synchronizations with ease. You can view a comparison between source and destination folders before running the synchronization.

A synchronization can start automatically e.g. when a USB drive or digital camera is plugged in or a file has been modified. PureSync does a great job for synchronizing and backing up. It offers all the essential options, without making things too complicated.

You can set filters based on file type, and specify that a particular profile is executed only manually, or when a device is connected or a folder found, when files have been modified, or on a user-defined schedule. When in comparison view, you can use the menus or hot keys to quickly force a file comparison based on file names or binary content, highlight the files that will be synced, and highlight file conflicts between the two locations.

PureSync starts in Personal Edition. When you use for the first time a feature of the professional edition you will be asked to start the 30 day evaluation period. After that period PureSync starts again in Personal Edition.