Become a Karaoke Master with Vocal Remover Plugin for Winamp

Vocal remover is a plugin you want, if you use Winamp and enjoy Karaoke. Usually vocals are not completely removed but they are low enough, you can barely hear them!

Of course you might remove more than vocals – there really is no way around this – but there are some benefits to this, since you can rip out specific instruments.

The plugin requires a stereo stream to work properly, and the higher the bitrate the better.

To install it, just put the dll file in the Plugins directory of Winamp, then start Winamp, go to Preferences (CTRL-P), and select ‘AnalogX Vocal Remover’ from the list; a slider will appear on the screen that will allow you to adjust the amount of the effect (0% = normal; 100% = totally processed).

If Vocal Remover doesn’t show up in WinAmp, just make sure you copied dsp_vr.dll into the Plugins directory of Winamp.

Download Vocal Remover for Winamp