Have a great singing karaoke party, even selecting among 20000 tracks, with KaraFun Player

KaraFun, that is, Karaoke Fun, is convenient, well made and feature rich app that will let you enjoy your party, if you are after singing. It supports playlists, tempo changes, attractive modern graphical interface, dual monitor setup, and more.

A nice way you can use KaraFun would be to have your playlist in one monitor and use a second monitor for displaying lyrics or anything. KaraFun shines when it comes to playback, with tempo changing or emphasis in this or that part of a song, leading vocals, etc.

KaraFun includes about 20000 tracks available on line in all categories, letting you select what you need each time, from funk to rap and from country to jazz, whatever you like. Of course you can also use your local library of favorite music.

If your Karaoke needs are not that great, you can use instead Winamp and the free Vocal Remover plugin, or CDG karaoke plugin.

Download KaraFun Player