Use parts of your favorite music as ringtones, with Ringtone Maker

Free Ringtone Maker is a free, portable and simple program that will help you to create your own custom ringtones from your favorite music.

The program lets you select an MP3 file from your disk, define a part of it, optionally add fade in and/or fade out effects and save it to use it in your phone as a ringtone.

Unfortunately Ringtone Maker won’t let you change the volume of your audio file, nor equalize it (add bass, tremble, or anything)

Note that if you have an audio editor, such as the free Audacity or Ocenaudio, you can select a part of any audio file (not only MP3) add or not several effects, change its volume if it is too low or too high and save it to use it as ringtone.

Download Free Ringtone Maker