Reduce sound jumps at loud parts of movies, with Sound Lock

As you know, a movie can be almost silent, then go to a level that is too loud, which a serious problem when you are not alone, other people sleep, read, etc. Most media players offer ways to “normalize” the sound, making loud enough in silent parts and soft enough in loud parts. These methods can be difficult to configure, in which case, or if your player won’t even provide normalization, you can use this little free utility that will do the job easily, for any player or even YouTube, whatever sound source you may like to use!

Sound Lock is intended for use mainly with Video playback, as it effectively eliminates the need to adjust your system or playback sound output every time certain ambient sounds or sound effects come about. If your sound device supports multiple channels, Sound lock will use them all.

After setting the maximum sound level output using Sound Lock, your playback sound level output will not exceed the designated level. Therefore, increase your player’s sound or the master sound of Windows as much as you need to enjoy silent parts, and let Sound Lock eliminate sudden jumps.

Using Sound Lock, you will be able to comfortably watch your playbacks without worrying that in certain parts of the playback the sound level output will spike. System sounds, speech in playback and similarly faint sounds will be easily heard as if they would be played at your originally set master volume. Setting Sound Lock to a certain level, lets the application regulate the output and keep it below the limit you prefer.

Download Sound Lock