Insert silence between tracks in Winamp with Pause Between Songs plugin

Crossfading is great, especially in gatherings, however, you may prefer, even if only from time to time, to let some silence “announce” the next track. By adding silence somehow you free yourself from the previous track before you go on to enjoy the next one.

Pause Between Songs is a nice Winamp plugin that inserts silence between tracks in two ways. In the first, and most common, way you can just define a standard amount of silence. In the second way, you can define also a bigger or smaller amount and let the plugin use randomly any of these intervals.

Note that Pause Between Songs may make Winamp steal focus, annoying you while you work with some other program. This is why in the same package I include also the Pause and Resume plugin which doesn’t suffer from the same problem. This plugin though won’t let you play randomly with two different intervals, it will only insert a certain amount of silence between tracks. Note also a problem with this plugin; it might let a second of the next song be heard before it stops it to insert silence! Fortunately I managed to solve this problem by disabling fade out at the settings of the output plugin (Direct Sound).

If you listen to music a lot, you will appreciate one or both of these light and safe plugins, provided of course that you also use Winamp.

Download Pause Between Songs