Karaoke tip: How to remove the vocal part of a song easily

If you like to remove the vocals of a song temporarily, it is easy to do it by activating an option already available in Windows.

Go to Sound settings (Just type “Sound” in the search bar). In the Sound applet double click the device that controls your speakers, e.g. Realtek Digital Output, Speakers, etc.

In the Properties of your device go to Enhancements and check the option, Voice Cancellation. When you finish listening without vocals, uncheck this option to return to normal playback. Note that vocals may still be heard when Voice Cancellation is activated, although at a much lower level, as if from far away.

* To remove vocals with VLC, go to its preferences (view “All”) and in the “Filters” section activate Karaoke. Restart VLC and the filter will be functioning, you don’t need to configure anything. Unfortunately to disable this mode you have to deselect the Karaoke filter and restart VLC again.

* If you need a permanent removal of vocals, encoded in an audio file, check this list with the best free audio editors to remove or minimize the vocals of a song.