Disable Avira Antivirus popup ads manually or with BGPKiller

I like the way Avira Antivir works, but the popup ads it generates are annoying. Here is an efficient way to block those ads.

BGPKiller is a free and small application that monitors unwanted Avira processes that generate system tray ads, and silently kills them before they even appear. Recent versions of Avira may be able to overcome BGPKiller, but I haven’t found any other program so far to defeat Avira. If BGPKiller won’t work for you, and you cannot suffer Avira ads, I’m afraid you should change your AntiVirus application.

You can also try disabling those ads manually, by blocking two URLs in your firewall or router: ipm.avira.com ( and notifier.avira.com (

The free Avira antivirus is known for its good virus detection rate. However, it is also known for its annoying popups. Sometimes CPU usage often reaches 100% after an ad is displayed!

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