Search rapidly your PC for file names, with Everything search engine

Everything” is a pc search engine, a local administrative tool that locates files and folders by filename. Unlike the native Windows search, “Everything” initially displays every file and folder on your computer (hence the name “Everything”). Typing a search filter limits the files and folders displayed.

Features: Small installation file * Clean and simple user interface * Quick file indexing * Quick searching * Minimal resource usage * Share files with others easily * Real-time updating

“Everything” only uses file and folder names (not contents) and generally takes a few seconds to build its database. 1,000,000 files need about 1 minute. It monitors file system changes. Your search windows will reflect changes made to the file system. It can be closed and restarted without missing changes made to the file system (even across system restarts). It updates the database when it is started. “Everything” only indexes local or removable NTFS volumes. To search a network computer you will need to run Everything on both computers. One computer will need to Start an ETP server, and the other computer will need to connect to that ETP server.

To search for either of two search terms, add a | between the terms (e.g. search for .jpg or .bmp: .jpg | .bmp). To exclude something from the search include a ! at the front of the term. Using a * in your search will match any number of any type of character. Using a ? in your search will match one character. To include spaces in your search enclose your search in double quotes (e.g. “foo bar”). Check this guide for common RegEx controls you can use in your search.