If Thunderbird refuses to open web links in Chrome, doing nothing at all

Suddenly Thunderbird decided to stop opening web links, both http and https in Chrome, which is my default browser. I’m not surprised by problems like this. Installations, updates, modifications, create problems sometimes. The interesting thing is that the solutions proposed on line did not work, not one of them.

I was advised to use the Config editor to change some values, to delete in Thundebird’s profile this file, to find some ‘evil’ addon, to change and re-change the default browser in the Windows settings, etc.

I tried even starting Thunderbird in safe mode, although I had not installed any extension recently, but who knows what conflict may have occurred? Finally, I even checked if Thunderbird needs an update, and I updated it. No joy! URLs continued to be dead.

Then I did what we used to do back in the ‘good’ old days with Windows; I downloaded a fresh copy of Thunderbird and reinstalled the program, even without uninstalling it first. This worked, and it’s a solution easier than most of those involving the modification of obscure settings and command lines. If you face the same problem, you have nothing to lose if you try first to download and install Thunderbird. Enjoy!