Save web addresses as HTML desktop links, with HTMtied

HTMtied is a light application that will convert an Internet address (link, URL, bookmark, favorite) to a small HTML file on your desktop. When this file is opened in a browser, it will automatically load that address. You can use HTMtied if you need to save an Internet address for future use on your computer, tablet, smartphone, web storage, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc., independently of your Browser bookmars.

Use: Step 1 — Copy the Internet address from your browser’s address bar or from any link to the Clipboard. Step 2 — Run HTMtied (from the Desktop, Start Menu, or better yet, from a shortcut key you have defined). HTMtied will automatically get that address from the clipboard and convert it to an HTML link-file at the Clipboard. Step 3: Paste the clipboard contents in Windows Explorer in any folder you like.

HTMtied supports conversion of links en masse. You can copy any number of Internet addresses, on separate lines, to the Clipboard, or drag and drop any number of URL files over HTMtied, to have linking HTML files created for each of these addresses. A “Direct Mode”, i.e. a special HTMtied shortcut, when clicked, can automatically move all the HTML link-files to any directory you want (Documents, Dropbox, etc.). HTMtied doesn’t need and doesn’t have a user interface: if everything goes right, the famous “Tada” sound is played. On failure, an error sound is played.

Windows and Internet Explorer can save Internet addresses to URL files. However, URL files cannot be used across different platforms. HTML file-links created by HTMtied work anywhere.