If sometimes your delete key refuses to work in Windows Explorer

It may happen sometimes, that you press delete in your keyboard to delete some file or folder, and nothing happens, as if the keyboard was damaged. Yet other keys work fine, e.g. pressing the arrows you can select a different file or folder – but, the delete button still won’t let you delete anything!

I don’t know what kind of ghosts haunt the button, but the disability is cured easily (but temporarily) by just giving focus to some other window, to any program you like; when you return to Explorer you find that Delete now works!

A similar solution is to right click this file or folder and use the context menu delete option.

After a few deletions the button may again stop functioning. Just use the same ways to overcome this difficulty, since a permanent doesn’t see to exist so far. If you know the cause of this problem or a permanent solution, please drop me a note.