Bookmark or download web resources to OneNote, with OneNote Web Clipper for Chrome

OneNote Web Clipper is a free Chrome extension that helps you to gather web resources to Microsoft OneNote for use whenever you need them on your current or future projects.

Of course you can always use the bookmarking function of your browser, which however is not that powerful; besides, if you work with OneNote what could be better than a specialized extension, able to cooperate with OneNote?

Like most Chrome extensions OneNote Web Clipper adds its button to Chrome’s toolbar. When you click that icon you see the extension’s menu with options to save the full page, an article, a region, add a bookmark to OneNote.

The extension lets you give a name to every resource that you save; you can then retrieve any resource easily just by typing its name. Note that you are allowed to save content in any folder you like.

Add OneNote Web Clipper to Chrome extensions