Run CD, DVD and USB drives automatically even with parameters, using AutoRun Maker

AutoRun Maker is a free and small utility simplifying the process of creating autorun files for CD / DVD discs and USB drives.

It supports all major functions in autorun.inf file.

It can add a custom icon for your removable media (i.e. CD/DVD discs and USB storage devices); a label to show in explorer; a file (either executable or document) to open automatically with necessary parameters & AutoPlay label; additional shell commands to show on drive’s context menu; sets a user selected command as default, running whenever the user double-clicks the drive icon in explorer; Automatically copies the icon to the drive if it is not present in the drive; creates autorun configuration for a directory which can later be burnt to a disc or copied to a USB storage device.

Autorun configuration can be saved for working on it later; the tool can enable or disable the Autorun feature of CD / DVD drives.