Incorporate Socializer to web scripts or software, and create manual share-links

Socializer! is a free and convenient service for the sharing of web pages. If you are developing software and you want your users to be able to share in social networks the web site of your software, or if you develop web scripts for your web site or for web sites of your clients and you want to enhance those sites with the option of being shared in social networks, you can do it very easily with Socializer!

From creating manually a single share-link to automatically produce all the share-links a web site needs, all you have to do is to define two parameters, the docurl and the doctitle parameters, in the address of Socializer’s Sharing Panel. The docurl parameter receives the address of the page you want to be shared, and the doctitle the title of the page. Just copy the address of the sharing panel of Socializer!, appending those two parameters filled with the url and title of the page or post you want shared. The same way you can create a menu in your your web scripts or software to have your web pages shared.

where URL is the address of the page to be shared, and TITLE its title. In case of web scripts all you have to do is use asp, php, java scripting, etc in order to pass to the sharing panel of Socializer the url and title of the page to be shared. Here is an example of a manual share-link used in a HREF tag:

<a href=" Freeware" target="_blank">Manual Share Link for TheFreeWindows</a>

Here is an example of a manual share-link used in a menu of an AutoHotKey script:

Run, Freeware,UseErrorLevel

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