Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Word Commands

Redo: Alt+Shift+Backspace
Redo or Repeat: Ctrl+Y
Redo or Repeat: F4
Redo or Repeat: Alt+Return
Repeat Find: F3
Repeat Find: Shift+F4
Repeat Find: Alt+Ctrl+Y
Replace: Ctrl+H
Research Lookup: Ctrl+Shift+O
Reset Char: Ctrl+Space
Reset Char: Ctrl+Shift+Z

Save: Ctrl+S
Save: Shift+F12
Save: Alt+Shift+F2
Save All: Ctrl+Shift+S
Save As: F12
Select All: Ctrl+A
Select All: Ctrl+Clear (Num 5)
Select All: Ctrl+Num 5
Select Table: Alt+Clear (Num 5)
Show All: Ctrl+Shift+8
Show All Headings: Alt+Shift+A
Show All Headings: Alt+Shift+A
Show Heading1: Alt+Shift+1
Show Heading2: Alt+Shift+2
Show Heading3: Alt+Shift+3
Show Heading4: Alt+Shift+4
Show Heading5: Alt+Shift+5
Show Heading6: Alt+Shift+6
Show Heading7: Alt+Shift+7
Show Heading8: Alt+Shift+8
Show Heading9: Alt+Shift+9
Shrink Font: Ctrl+Shift+,
Shrink Font One Point: Ctrl+[
Shrink Selection: Shift+F8
Spike: Ctrl+F3
Start of Column: Alt+Page Up
Start of Column: Alt+Shift+Page Up
Start of Doc Extend: Ctrl+Shift+Home
Start of Document: Ctrl+Home
Start of Line: Home
Start of Line Extend: Shift+Home
Start of Row: Alt+Home
Start of Row: Alt+Shift+Home
Start of Window: Alt+Ctrl+Page Up
Start of Window Extend: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Up
Style: Alt+Ctrl+1
Style: Alt+Ctrl+2
Style: Alt+Ctrl+3
Style Separator: Alt+Ctrl+Return
Subscript: Ctrl+=
Superscript: Ctrl+Shift+=
Symbol Font: Ctrl+Shift+Q