Control screen brightness with keyboard shortcuts, using DimScreen

DimScreen is a small and free utility that will let you increase or decrease the brightness of your monitor, using a keyboard shortcut you can define at will. DimScreen dims the whole screen and not a part of it. One of the greatest features of this little utility, is that gamma remains unchanged to any level you might have configured, while the brightness is increased or decreased.

A serious defect of the program is that it does not let the users adjust / fine-tune the steps of changing brightness, e.g. to 5% instead of 10%. Even more serious is that DimScreen may cause green sparkling pixels to appear randomly in various places on the screen, as if your monitor or video card was faulty. For this reason I give a low rate to an otherwise pretty nice utility. Besides using a keyboard shortcut, DimScreen can work even by selecting a dim percentage when you right click its tray icon.

DimScreen can be used if your graphics software does not provide a similar function, and you prefer to easily change the brightness of your monitor according to task – a different brightness for reading, or viewing photos, etc., without using the monitor’s buttons. Personally I prefer ClickMonitorDDC, a more flexible and powerful program, also free.