Perform custom commands with the numeric keypad, using ControlPad

ControlPad is a free utility that will turn the numeric keypad of your keyboard to a command execution system. You may configure any numeric code to: Execute a program, open a document, open a web address or send any series of keystrokes to the operating system. Commands are easily configured, and you may also use words instead of numeric codes. For laptop users (without a numeric keypad), there is a special Laptop Mode which will use F12 as the launch key.

A command may be anything you can run from the Windows Run dialog (programs, documents, web addresses) or any series of simulated keystrokes. ControlPad will let you also configure the location of your commands file – for easy backup, to customize the user interface (colors, transparency, size, font), or to change sounds / add your own sound sets.

* If you prefer to use the NumPad like a mouse, check NumPad Transformer. If you prefer a more powerful “command execution system”, check the Favorite Launcher.