Adjust screen brightness with keyboard shortcuts, using Desktop Lighter

Desktop Lighter is a free utility that will let you fine-tune the brightness of your screen using a keyboard shortcut (or a slider, if you prefer). Desktop Lighter lets you adjust the brightness of your screen easily and quickly, anytime you want to. It can change the brightness level by a trackbar slider or by keyboard command hotkeys.

You will be able to work with office documents, browse internet pages, watch movies, or play games setting instantly the proper brightness. You might use the monitor control buttons or the settings of your video driver to do it, but with this program is easier.

To set the brightness you can use both the Desktop Lighter trackbar and keyboard hotkeys (Ctrl+<) & (Ctrl+>). When the program sits in system tray, use the pop-up menu to configure the application, or right click its window when you have it opened.

The program is not meant to adjust your display completely – you have to use your monitor’s controls for that, or your graphics card’s options – but it will let you quickly increase or decrease just the brightness, e.g. if you are writing a text and you need less light, or if you are browsing some photos and you need more light, etc. If you need better adjustments, even of contrast, get instead the free ClickMonitorDDC. Get also the free Dimmer Pro, to reduce brightness of the whole screen except for the currently active window.

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