Save custom MS Word keyboard shortcuts, with Shortcut Organizer

As you may know Word includes an organizer that will let you export and import styles or macros between documents and templates, but not keyboard shortcuts.

If you want to copy your custom Word keyboard shortcuts to a document or new normal template you can download and run this Word add-in, a Shortcut Organizer which seems to work even with newer but only 32 bit Word versions. You will find this Word add-in useful especially when you need to reset a corrupt normal template without losing your keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut Organizer does not deal with Word’s built-in default shortcut key assignments, only with your own custom keys.

Changes made in Shortcut Organizer take instant effect on the template in memory. There is no Undo. However, when you close your documents or templates down in Word or – for a template that has been opened using an “Open File” button in Shortcut Organizer – when you close Shortcut Organizer you will be asked if you want to save your changes. This will not apply to if you do not have “Prompt to Save Normal template” checked.