Microsoft Word em dash keyboard shortcut

If you are using frequently the em dash line (—) you might like to have a keyboard shortcut for that. Word can automatically insert em dash if you type to dashes immediately after the final letter of a word, followed again immediately (without an empty space) by the letter of the next word.

This “auto correct” option may not cover your needs, especially if you like to have empty spaces before and after the em dash. In such cases a keyboard shortcut is the best way.

The default keyboard shortcut for em dash is Ctrl+Alt+[numpad minus]-, yet this shortcut, instead of bringing an em dash into your document, may change the zoom view!

To assign a different shortcut for em dash, choose the Insert Symbol option of the Word’s menu, find the em dash and press the “Shortcut Key” button. Remove the default shortcut and assign whatever you like. You can do the same for en dash or other symbols and characters included in your font.