Windows Update: Enable your Desktop Gadgets and Enlarge your Fonts

After a massive Windows Update, such as the so called “Creators” updates, certain settings of your system may change without any notice. Two most important changes concern desktop gadgets and font size.

If you like using desktop gadgets, you need to re-enable them after Windows finishes the update. Just get a fresh copy of the Gadgetarian and enjoy your desktop gadgets. Note that all the gadgets you already have been using are still there but invisible. You don’t need to uninstall anything. Just download and run the Gadgetarian, and you will find all your gadgets in the familiar Gadgets menu when you right click on your desktop.

As is also known, Windows won’t let you anymore change the size of menus, title bars, icon descriptions, explorer fonts, etc, but only using a magnification method that enlarges everything, any interface object, which ends in distortion. To enable the enlargement of just the font size, download this Text Size Changer utility. It will let you change just the size or even the font family too in several Windows places, such as title bars, menus, explorer, etc.