Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Word Commands

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you may like to use in order to speed up your work in Microsoft Word documents.

All Caps: Ctrl+Shift+A
App Restore: Alt+F5
Bold: Ctrl+B
Bookmark: Ctrl+Shift+F5
Browse Sel: Alt+Ctrl+Home

Cancel: Esc
Change Case: Shift+F3
Char Left: Left
Char Left Extend: Shift+Left
Char Right: Right
Char Right Extend: Shift+Right
Clear: Del
Close Pane: Alt+Shift+C
Collapse Heading: Alt+Shift+-
Collapse Heading: Alt+Shift+Num –
Column Break: Ctrl+Shift+Return
Column Select: Ctrl+Shift+F8
Copy: Ctrl+C
Copy: Ctrl+Insert
Copy Format: Ctrl+Shift+C
CopyToFrom: Shift+F2
Create Auto Text: Alt+F3
Customize Keyboard Shortcut: Alt+Ctrl+Num +
Cut: Ctrl+X
Cut: Shift+Del

Date Field: Alt+Shift+D
Define: Ctrl+F7
Delete Back Word: Ctrl+Backspace
Delete Word: Ctrl+Del
Distribute Para: Ctrl+Shift+J
Do Field Click: Alt+Shift+F9
Doc Close: Ctrl+W
Doc Close: Ctrl+F4
Doc Maximize: Ctrl+F10
Doc Restore: Ctrl+F5
Doc Size: Ctrl+F8
Doc Split: Alt+Ctrl+S
Double Underline: Ctrl+Shift+D