Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Word Commands

Edit: Alt+Shift+R
End of Column: Alt+Page Down
End of Column: Alt+Shift+Page Down
End of Doc Extend: Ctrl+Shift+End
End of Document: Ctrl+End
End of Line: End
End of Line Extend: Shift+End
End of Row: Alt+End
End of Row: Alt+Shift+End
End of Window: Alt+Ctrl+Page Down
End of Window Extend: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Down
Endnote: Alt+Ctrl+D
Equation Toggle: Alt+=
Expand Heading: Alt+Shift+=
Expand Heading: Alt+Shift+Num +
Extend Selection: F8

Field Codes: Alt+F9
File Close or Exit: Alt+F4
Find: Ctrl+F
Font: Ctrl+Shift+F
Footnote: Alt+Ctrl+F
Formatting Pane: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S
Formatting Properties: Shift+F1

Go Back: Shift+F5
Go Back: Alt+Ctrl+Z
Go To: Ctrl+G
Go To: F5
Grow Font: Ctrl+Shift+.
Grow Font One Point: Ctrl+]

Hanging Indent: Ctrl+T
Heading 2 Style: Alt+2
Heading 3 Style: Alt+3
Heading 4 + Not Italic Style: Alt+4
Heading 5 Style: Alt+5
Heading 6 Style: Alt+6
Help: F1
HHC: Alt+Ctrl+F7
Hidden: Ctrl+Shift+H
Highlight: Alt+Ctrl+H

Insert Building Block: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+V
Insert Comment: Alt+Ctrl+M
Insert Field: Ctrl+F9
Insert Spike: Ctrl+Shift+F3
Italic: Ctrl+I
Italic: Ctrl+Shift+I

Line Down: Down
Line Down Extend: Shift+Down
Line Up: Up
Line Up Extend: Shift+Up
List: Ctrl+M
List Num Field: Alt+Ctrl+L
Lock Fields: Ctrl+3
Lock Fields: Ctrl+F11

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