Save Nero NRA compilations as M3U audio playlists

If you are trying to find a way to play Nero NRA files, you will be disappointed. However, there is a way to convert them to M3U audio playlists that Winamp and most audio programs are able to use.

To convert your Nero NRA audio compilations to M3U playlists download this little Java freeware called “NRA DMSA to M3U Converter”. The program is old and it is not updated for years. It works most of the times, but in some cases, especially when the paths to your audio files are very long, it may give truncated addresses.

Fortunately enough the beginning and the main parts of the addresses are always intact, but you may have to complete a few addresses, open the M3U playlist with the Notepad and make some corrections, such as writing “flac” instead of an incomplete “.fl” extension, etc.

If you know of a better converter of NRA compilations, please let me know, otherwise give this old little freeware a try. You need to have Java Runtime Environment installed on your PC.