Download APE plugin for Nero to burn APE files

Nero supports the burning of a lot of audio formats, including mp3, ogg, flac, wav, aiff, etc, yet it still does not support APE (Monkey’s Audio) files. If you try to burn a compilation that includes APE files, Nero will pop up a message, Audio error: 0x80000004, for each of the APE files you tried to burn, ending by listing the file formats that it supports.

You can burn APE audio files in Nero without any problem at all, by placing a little APE plugin into the plugins of Nero. Open the Nero setup folder ( usually C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 10\ ). Inside this folder you will see several folders belonging to various Nero applications. You only need to care about Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express. Each of these folders includes a sub-folder named AudioPluginMgr. Inside this folder you need to put the APE plugin.

Therefore, you will put into Nero two copies of the APE plugin, one for \Nero Burning ROM\AudioPluginMgr, and another one for \Nero Express\AudioPluginMgr.

Restart Nero, if you had it running, and enjoy burning your audio compilation!