Find and remove duplicates in Winamp playlists

It can happen easily, especially if you have many compilation / anthology albums, or if you create large collections, to end up with playlists suffering from duplicate entries.

Winamp lets you correct this. Open the Playlist Editor and go to “Rem” > Remove > Remove Duplicate Entries, — or just press Shift + Delete.

Winamp duplicate entries will disappear in an instant. Note that this won’t make any physical changes to your folders, it removes only duplicate playlist entries, not duplicate audio files.

Winamp uses the Jump To File Extra plugin to achieve playlist cleaning. If you find that the Remove duplicates command is missing from your playlist editor, you can download the JTFE plugin separately.

Note also that if you sort your playlist by path and filename you can check by yourself for duplicate entries rather easily, since duplicates will show up one after another. To sort this way open the Playlist Editor and go to Misc > Sort > Sort List by Path and Filename — or press Ctrl+Shift+3