Manage your files in dual pane and tabs, even compressing them, with Double Commander

Double Commander is a free program you may appreciate if you work often with files and folders copying and moving things around. Since a portable version is also available, you can try Double Commander without modifying any of your system settings or use it in any computer immediately by just having it in a mobile device with 25 MB of free space.

One of the best features of Double Commander beyond the side by side (horizontally or vertically) independently browsable dual panes and the multitude of tabs you can open in both of them, is something else you may not find impressive, while it is really useful, especially if you don’t have the vision of an eagle. The program lets you choose any font family and size you find convenient, without causing display problems such as overlaps. Fonts can become really large and the design remains nice and clean, although of course fewer items can be immediately visible each time you scroll. The default font is bold and ugly, but you can choose any font available in your system.

Right clicking a file you find all your familiar Windows Explorer commands to work with. The program is also able to generate previews of several file types, of course of images and text files. What I find most inconvenient with Double Commander is each deviation from Windows Explorer shortcuts such as Alt+Up arrow to go to the parent folder. The good news here is that all hotkeys can be customized.

An archiver is also included in the program to let you compress files and folders or just like in Windows Explorer browse compressed archives as if they were normal folders. You can use favorite folders, split files, customize the toolbar and a lot of the program’s options. Double Commander is one of the best programs of its kind.

Download Double Commander