Physically delete the currently playing track in Foobar

Delete Current Track component for Foobar2000 is a free add-on that will add an item on Foobar’s list of actions, letting you assign a hotkey to delete the current playing track.

When the function of this component is activated, the current playing track is stopped, and the associated file is moved to the recycle bin. The next track in the playlist, if any, is then started. Delete Current Track is an indispensable plugin, the only way you can get rid of unwanted files without losing time.

To install the component, download the zip archive and extract the included dll file in the Components subfolder of Foobar. Then go to Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts and assign a shortcut to Playback / Delete current song. You can make it a global shortcut in order to delete a track even when foobar is minimized or hidden etc.

Close the Preferences dialogue and go the Playback menu of Foobar. Uncheck the option “Ask for confirmation before deleting”, if you prefer to delete a file immediately, without having to confirm the deletion.

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  1. superlag says:

    Perfect, thank you :)