Decrease the size of your mail folders, with Outlook Attachment Remover

Outlook Attachment Remover is a free Outlook add-in for saving and extracting attachments, decreasing the size of your Outlook files.

After you install the Outlook Attachment Remover add-in, a new command bar will appear in Outlook. You may position it wherever you prefer. Select the message or even a whole folder where you want to save/remove the attachments from. Press the Attachment Remover button. Choose Removal options that best suit your needs and press OK.


Target: It allows you to choose which attachments to save/extract: From the selected folder, from the selected message or from another folder (Let me choose the folder). When the last option is selected, after pressing the OK button a pick folder dialog will be prompted.
Extensions: It lets you select a list of attachment extensions to process. Example: “.doc;.xls;.pdf” . The extensions should be separated by a semi-colon character.
Attachment size: It allows you to process only big attachments, by specifying a minimum size in KBytes. The default value is 10KBytes. Usually, extracting small attachments doesn’t save too much space.
Remove after saving: When this is checked (default), after the attachment is saved it is also removed from the e-mail message. You may replace the attachment by a link to the saved file or by a link on the e-mail body.
Save to: allows you to specify where the attachments will be saved. If you are extracting the files from a shared folder, you may want to save the attachments on a shared directory as well (on your file server).
Process sub-folders: When this is checked (default) it processes the sub-folders of the selected folder. It has no effect when the “Selected message” option is checked.
Add sub-directories: When this is checked (default) it reproduces the outlook foldes on the selected subdirectory. For instance, if you selected to save the files on the directory “c:\MyEmails”, the inbox attachments will be saved on the “c:\MyEmails\Inbox” directory, etc.

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