Remove the currently playing track from the default playlist of Foobar2000

Foobar2000 provides a “Remove” command on several occasions, yet not all of them will remove a song from the default playlist when you are listening to it. After experimenting a while I found that the “Remove” command which works is to be found in the “Edit” section.

If you want to remove a track from your playlist (not physically delete it from the disk) using a keyboard shortcut, go to Foobar’s preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts, press the “Add New” button and use the “filter list” option to find the command “Edit / Selection / Remove”. Assign a keyboard shortcut to this command (make it global to have it available even if you work with other applications) and enjoy easy creation of playlists.

Note that Foobar won’t start playing the next track automatically after you remove the current one; it will just continue playing the track you just removed! To solve this problem, you need to assign another shortcut key to skip the removed track and start playing the next one.

Note also that if you highlight some file other than the currently playing, Foobar will remove the highlighted track and not the one currently playing.