Windows 10 Gadgetarian: Get your desktop gadgets back!

Windows 10 builds upon the quality of 8, coming from Windows 7, one of the most successful versions ever, yet not everyone will be pleased with all the changes. I don’t like the removal of sidebar gadgets. I prefer to be cautious and enjoy, rather than imprisoned to whatever Microsoft decides.

Gadgetarian is a free utility that enables gadgets on Windows 10 32bit and 64bit versions. I already use it, and all of my gadgets work fine, I can keep searching Amazon from my desktop, or Google, and morelistening to radio stations that I like, making breaks to play desktop tetris or tic tac toe, having a timer to arrange my breaks, watching YouTube, converting between several unitsmonitoring the CPU or the GPU, etc…

Reclaim your gadgets! Download the Gadgetarian!