Transfer files from monitored folders automatically, with Download Mover

Download Mover is a free and portable application that will check one or more directories in regular intervals for new files and then move these files to another location. You may configure as many source folders as you like; different types of files can be moved to different target folders (or not moved at all). Copy the executable (DLMov.exe) to a directory of your choice and create shortcuts to it from wherever you like – in the startup folder of the Start Menu, if you want it to run with at Windows startup. (Check this post if you don’t know how to manage the startup programs of Windows).

To configure one or more download directories click the watched directories ‘new…’ button and select the desired directory. Use the ‘remove’ button if you want to delete the selected directory from the list of watched directories.

Click the files to move ‘new…’ button and enter the extension of the files that should be moved. You may enter only one extension each time. If you want all file types to be moved, enter * as extension. Now click next and select the destination directory. To modify an entry, follow the previous steps, enter the extension you wish to modify and select a new folder. To delete an entry, select it and click ‘remove’.

Configure the interval at which the directories should be checked for new files. If ‘show file moved message’ is checked you will be notified if a file was moved or an error occurred (no annoying messages, just a small window in the bottom right corner of your desktop will appear and disappear after 30 seconds). After you finish the configuration, all you need to do is start the program. It will check your download folder at the configured interval and move files if necessary. To show the configuration window, double click on the tray icon or select show main window in the tray icon’s popup menu.

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