Bypass the WordPress Editor Control+Tab shortcut key

The rich-text editor of WordPress can become annoying, since it won’t let you customize its keyboard shortcuts. Whenever the browser uses the same shortcut, the editor has a higher priority.

I was frustrated with the use of Ctrl+Tab, a combination I need to switch tabs in Firefox in order to consult various information when I write a post in WordPress. Yet this shortcut is used by the WP editor for I-don’t-even-know-what function, and I have to use the mouse in order to change tabs.

Until a plugin or the editor developers allow for customizations of the keyboard shortcuts, here is how you can claim back your precious Control / Tab functionality, although not the shortcut itself.

Leave the specific shortcut to the editor of WordPress, and use Control + PageDown and Control + PageUp to browse one by one and in both directions the open tabs of Firefox.

If you suffer from other conflicts too, check for possible alternative hotkeys your browser may provide.