Best Weather Forecast gadgets for your Windows sidebar

Windows includes a Microsoft weather gadget, which works nice until you click to get a forecast for several days or read detailed information. When you do that, your browser may pop up a security alert, each time forcing you to confirm the opening of the web page. This is very annoying, and this alone is enough to make one stop using the MS weather gadget.

You can get local (for any place in the world) weather forecast and severe weather alert information on your Windows Sidebar with the Weather Channel sidebar gadget, or with the WeatherBug gadget, which offers also weather cameras.

Personally I prefer the Weather Channel gadget, because of the nice presentation of a 10 days forecast in its web page and the comprehensive display of weather conditions at the gadget itself (sun, low temperature, current temperature), but both gadgets are great, they are better than the default weather gadget of Windows, and they don’t cause security alerts…

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