Hide Desktop Gadgets temporarily

I can’t live without Desktop Gadgets, but sometimes, to browse and test wallpapers, etc., I need to get them off my way, yet, without losing their settings!

To temporarily hide your gadgets, find an empty space at your Desktop, or minimize your open windows to see the desktop, if there is no empty space visible, then right click anywhere — be careful not to click on any desktop icon –, and at the context menu that appears select “View” and then at the right menu go to the bottom and un-check the option “Show Desktop Gadgets”, right where a similar option for Desktop icons is also offered.

If you find this way annoying, you can install a small freeware called Gadgibility, that will give you two options, a tray icon and / or a keyboard shortcut, to easily hide and show whenever you want all of your gadgets automatically (keeping their settings intact).