Recover video or music from damaged disks with Get My Videos Back

Get My Videos Back is a free program that will let you recover video or audio files from scratched CDs or DVDs.

If you are in trouble, because Windows can not read your disk, give this tool a try. Get My Videos Back automatically identifies the source media type. Working in “byte mode” it will try to read the source byte to byte. This might be helpfull if the source media has lots of small scratches.

The “byte mode” may use a large amount of your system resources and the restore procedure may take a lot of time. However this way it is more likely to recover data from greatly damaged disks. You can save jobs and continue later.

It is not certain that you will recover your media, but you can have reasonable hope. GMVB features a sector map that can help you see the full progress of the restore procedure. You can see the count of errors and the skipped data size. A log file will let you know the type of errors on the disc.