Cezanne Theme Pack for Windows

This is a free theme pack for Windows, featuring 10 paintings by Cezanne, and a crystal clear color of Windows title bars and taskbar, letting the paintings appear as much as possible. Cezanne Theme Pack is great for anyone who likes the French painter, or just great paintings, and is an inspiring companion, if you use your computer for creative work.

Here is a list of the works included in the Theme Pack:

cezanne – chateau noir (bern).jpg
cezanne – le cabanon de jourdan(oil).jpg
cezanne – riverbanks.jpg
cezanne – still life with compotier.jpg
cezanne – still life with curtain and flowered pitcher.jpg
cezanne – still life with plate of cherries.jpg
cezanne – study – landscape at auvers.jpg
cezanne – table, napkin, and fruit.jpg
cezanne – the hanged man’s house.jpg
cezanne – well – millstone and cistern under trees.jpg

To install, download the zip file, extract the contents, and run the *.themepack file. Windows will switch immediately to this theme, which you can tweak, if you like, by changing its colors, removing paintings you don’t like much, etc.

Download CEZANNE Theme Pack