Download 14 elegant and free Theme Packs for Windows

Here is 14 Theme Packs for Windows. They are absolutely free from adware, spyware, etc., and they don’t include sounds or screen savers – they will only change the main Windows Colors and they will add new Desktop Backgrounds in slideshow mode.

In order to use a theme, unzip it anywhere and run the file that has the name of the theme (ending in .themepack).

Tip: in order to test a theme pack after you install it, you don’t need to wait for Windows to pass through all the backgrounds – just right click on the Desktop and select the command “next desktop background”.

This will change the background immediately moving on to the next wallpaper of a theme. You can choose what backgrounds to keep by going to the Themes Organizer. Right there you can also choose if you like your backgrounds to change in random order or not. Of course, you can also fine-tune the color settings according to your taste.

Cezanne Theme Download

Blue Theme Download

Day Theme Download

Deep Blue Theme Download

Frost Theme Download

Gray Theme Download

HotGray Theme Download

Noir Theme Download

Red Theme Download

Silver Theme Download

Sunrise Theme Download

Teal Theme Download

Velvet Theme Download

White Theme Download

Win Theme Download