Minimize instantly all inactive windows, with Activator

Each time you run the Activator it will minimize all inactive windows (the windows that are behind the one you currently work on), letting you enjoy a clean environment, leaving only your active window over the wallpaper.

Activator is useful especially when you need to concentrate on your work. The program is invoked by a keyboard shortcut you can choose at will.

Please note that windows without a title (such as the instances of some media players), or Windows written for very old Windows versions may not obey; such windows can only be activated manually, with the alt+tab switch, after everything is minimized by the program.

To ensure a trouble-free installation, right-click the setup file and select the option “Run as administrator.” You need also to make sure after the installation is complete, that the program folder and files have write permissions. Finally, to avoid UAC prompts upon startup you can include the program in a whitelist of trusted applications.