Terminate and restart programs easily, with Revitalizer

If you have some programs that you need to close and restart, because they freeze, become unstable, or anything, Revitalizer may help. You won’t have anymore to open the task manager, find the proper process, terminate it, then open the Start Menu, find the program again and restart it.

You can use Revitalizer to define as many programs as you need to restart. The definitions include three elements, the program’s process, the program’s installation address, and the program’s name or any name you prefer. For example, to define Windows Explorer as a program you will be restarting, you would use these directions:


Whenever you are in a situation that your program needs to be closed and restarted, right click Revitalizer’s system tray icon and click the program you need to restart. The program will be terminated and then automatically restarted, without you having to do anything at all but wait a few moments.

To ensure a trouble-free installation, right-click the setup file and select the option “Run as administrator.” You need also to make sure after the installation is complete, that the program folder and files have write permissions. Finally, to avoid UAC prompts upon startup you can include the program in a whitelist of trusted applications.

Revitalizer is light, clean, safe and absolutely free. Restart and enjoy!

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