Never Let Me Go Movie Extreme Quality Wallpapers

This is a package with four high resolution wide format (2560 x 1440) wallpapers featuring “Never Let Me Go”, Mark Romanek’s movie and the Kazuo Ishiguro’s book. The first one shows the three main characters, Tommy (A. Garfield), Kath (C. Mulligan) and Ruth (K. Knightley) near the sea and a bridge. The second wallpaper shows Hailsham, the boarding school of their youth. The third is an artistic photo of Ishiguro’s book, and the third is a poster introducing the movie and featuring Kath and Tommy.

All wallpapers are of great quality, and they are elegant. If your screen is smaller, you can easily down-size them, but if you have a large monitor you will appreciate very much their high resolution.

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Download the Wallpapers of Never Let Me Go