If Winamp freezes temporarily and randomly for a few seconds

Do you face this weird problem with Winamp freezing for a few moments before going to the next track?

It doesn’t crash, you don’t have to restart it, but during this temporary random freeze you can’t do anything – change volume, pause, stop… nothing at all, but only wait until it starts responding as usual.

It seems that even when the Playlist Editor is closed, Winamp keeps using it as if it was open! A function of this editor can be the cause of the annoying freeze described above.

Οpen Winamp preferences, go to the Playlist section and uncheck the option: Mousewheel scrolls double the above number of lines. This is what worked in my case.

Ιf the problem is not fixed this way, perhaps you use win7shell; you need to uninstall this plugin, or disable some of its options like remembering recent files, recent playlists, etc.

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  1. Bjorn says:

    Thanks man, this did the trick for me!