If Microsoft Word does not display number of pages in the status bar

If in the status bar of Microsoft Word you see only a count of the words your documents contains, but not the number of pages, i.e. the page you currently view as part of the total pages (for example “Page 10 of 300”), don’t worry, most probably your Word installation is fine, but you are in a view that does not support page numbering.

In a web publication paging can not be defined by Word, therefore it can not be displayed in the status bar. In the Web even a very large document can be published as a single page, or it can be divided arbitrarily and in any case independently from Microsoft Word.

If you are in Web Layout view, in order to enjoy this fancy color or great background texture as you write, or just because you are preparing a web publication, it is natural and necessary that you don’t see page numbering.

To view again the number of pages of your document, switch to a view where page numbering has a meaning, page setup can be defined in terms of margins and page size, such as the print layout or draft view.