If ATI AMD Catalyst Control Center will not open

Sometimes after several updates of your ATI AMD software you may find out that AMD VISION (Catalyst) Control Center will not open or it will open but missing the most important configuration options. This will leave you unable, for example, to fine tune gamma, brightness, contrast, etc, of your monitor(s), or use all those accessories that come with AMD software.

To solve the problem, use AMD Installation Manager to uninstall everything related with AMD. Then use Revo Uninstaller to remove all AMD traces that AMD uninstaller may have left, and restart the PC. Install again the latest AMD software and most probably you will find that the Control Center now works! As you know, AMD software needs a lot of improvement. The Control Center may crash (which makes me guess problems with the context menu entries), and installation of the card driver keeps failing version after version.

In the first case, if you experience control center crashes, run (Win+R) the MSConfig applet, open the Startup tab and remove Catalyst Control Center from the Startup programs, then use ShellExView to disable the context menu of AMD. You will still be able to open AMD Vision like any other program, from the Start menu. Any custom settings you may have made for your monitors will not be lost.

In the second case, when AMD Installation Manager fails to install the driver, here is how you can update your ATI card driver easily.