Prevent double http when you copy urls from Firefox address bar

You may have noticed that sometimes when you copy the url of a web page from the address bar of Firefox, you get a double http (http://http://).

This is a bug in the configuration of Firefox. However, you can avoid it with a quick and simple setting.

Go to “about:config” (write about:config in the address bar of Firefox); then in the “Filter” bar paste this command:


Double click to change its value from true to false, then close the configuration tab and try again to copy a url.


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2 Responses

  1. Ebola says:

    Thanks !!

    This bug is really annoying when sharing video URL on Facebook..
    Every time the preview image doesn’t show up, I then realize that I have double http:// again.

  2. Glad I helped — but you can make your life even easier by sharing pages on Facebook with Socializer! for Firefox.