Record your screen easily online with free RecordCast

RecordCast is a free online service that lets you record your screen in 3 ways. You can include or exclude your web camera, or even record just the camera. Then you have the option of editing the result (which unfortunately needs registration) or just download it to your device and use other editors to modify the recording, convert it, etc.

I found RecordCast online screen recorder very easy to use. You are presented with an elegant interface, pleasant, modern, simple and easy. Most probably you won’t even need to read any documentation. I was able to record my screen immediately without worries.

A nice feature of RecordCast is that it lets you choose what to record even when you prefer to record only your screen, without the camera. You can record the whole screen, or just an app or even a particular tab of an app, for example, a particular tab of your browser.

If you need to record your screen in flexible and reliable ways, and you prefer an online service instead of installed software on your PC, RecordCast is a free service you will appreciate a lot.

Record your screen with RecordCast